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March 2016: Desk Based Assessment for the impact of the development of the Bahrain Northern Link Road area on maritime cultural heritage

Delta Heritage & Archaeology received a request for proposal for the Northern Link Road project, Bahrain. The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by the Ministry of Works Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning intends to augment existing road network and develop new road corridors to support the rapidly expanding economy of the Kingdom, amongst which include Bahrain Northern Link Road (BNLR). One of the projected necessary works will be to implement reclamation and dredging works for the priority phase of Bahrain Northern Link Road & Supporting Links. The dredging and reclamation work represents a direct impact on the seabed in the designated area, which itself poses a credible threat to and /or destruction of the Underwater Cultural Heritage present in the area.

In 2014 Bahrain deposited with the Director-General of UNESCO its instrument of ratification of the Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Design and Consultancy firm Arcadis Netherlands, one of the leading parties in the project, recognizes and supports the importance of maritime cultural heritage and archaeology as objects of research in the overall Masterplan of the BNLR project.

Arcadis has approached us for a request for proposal for a Desk Based Assessment (DBA) concerning the Delta Heritage & Archaeology in the project area. Our DBA is an assessment of the known and /or potential maritime archaeological and maritime historical resources within the BNLR project area. This will include the inter-tidal and the marine zone. The DBA will take into consideration records relating to the defined area, to gauge the maritime archaeological potential of the BNLR area and understand how best to work with and protect it during the development of the BLNR.


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