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Delta Archaeology is a joint venture between two leading Dutch firms with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We offer a unique combination of policy consultancy , research and implementation of all archaeological heritage, along and under the water. By joining forces we ensure that projects run quickly, efficiently and pleasantly.

Our vision

Saving the world’s deltas is one of the most critical challenges for a sustainable future. The ever-growing world population, pollution, flooding and rising water tables threaten the rich and diverse Cultural Heritage in vulnerable coastal regions, in deltas and riverbanks.

We believe that Cultural Heritage is a valuable asset as a source of pride and identification, of social and economic development, and stimulates striving communities. Like ecology and sustainability, Cultural Heritage is embedded in international laws and demands adequate treatment. Cultural Heritage inspires planners in defining protection strategies. It is our passion to contribute to its realization.

Our mission

It is our mission to assist our clients in achieving their business aims in a profitable and sustainable manner while regarding cultural heritage issues, in accordance with the Heritage Footprint standards.

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