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Our services connect to the different phases of your project: from a first spatial risk analysis through detection, mapping and valuation, to excavation of drowned villages or salvage of historic wrecks. If required, we provide the integrated management of all archaeological aspects of your project.

What Delta Heritage & Archaeology offers includes:

  • Consultancy in the field of maritime archeology and heritage
  • Geophysical survey , data interpretation , and research and excavation under water
  • Public-oriented activities
  • SWOT analysis in the field of cultural heritage
  • Coöperation with local universities and heritage stakeholders
  • Deployment of our national and international business and academic networks
  • A focus on your business with regard to responsible use of cultural heritage



Effective cultural heritage management can add great value to your business. It is critical for operations throughout the life of the business. If not well managed, it can delay or even prevent project development’.

Sam Walsh. Chief executive, Iron Ore, Australia

Added value for your business and our shared cultural heritage.

Delta Heritage & Archaeology provides practical solutions for almost all heritage issues, particularly along the coast and under water. The priorities of our clients are leading: insight into opportunities and risks, practical and cost-effective alternatives, clear agreements between stakeholders and control over the implementation.

With our broad range of services we can support you in efficiently integrating archeology and cultural heritage in your project and guide you through the entire process

To see what we can do for you, please visit Our Services, or download our brochure.


Culture Heritage is the fourth pillar of sustainable development’ Olivier Blond, Executive Director of the GoodPlanetFoundation


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